Lightroom - Work faster, work better

Workshop Description

Adobe Lightroom has become one of the industry standards for professional photographers who deal with large volumes of creative photographic content. In this workshop, you will learn how to deploy this tool both strategically and tactically to greatly reduce culling, editing and delivery times to your clients while improving the quality of your deliverables.

These sessions are designed to be interactive and free-flowing and will explore:

Workflow - Transforming the way you approach image management, editing and even photography itself

Performance - Mastering your time-management to ensure the time you spend infront of a computer is maximally productive

Post Production - Harnessing the power of Lightroom's batch editing tools including presets 

Hardware - Understand where to spend on hardware and when to make do with what you have

Critique - A safe space for discussion about the challenges and frustrations you've faced with managing your time and workflow

Community - Become part of a community where there is constant sharing of ideas to improve processes

Who is this for?

For experienced photographers who are familiar with the basics of lightroom and want to greatly improve their efficiency. Please note that there is an expectation of familiarity with the software and NO basics of Lightroom will be covered. 

The workshop spans two weeks. Please factor this into your decision to attend. We will be meeting twice a week for two weeks, followed by a recap/review session later in the month.  This is the best way for us to engage in a productive discussion and make genuine progress towards our goal of being more effective photographers and artists.

Module 1 - 10th March & 12th March. 11 AM - 2PM
Module 2 - 17th March & 19th March. 11AM - 2PM

Recap Session - 26th March

How much?
INR 5,000/- including 18% GST. 

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